Why Cloud, why not Earth (On Premise IT)

  • Consume IT like you consume electricity, pay more if you use more, pay less if you use less, IT adapts to business situation


  • Do not build a Grid of your own but use the available Grids, so save on Capex


  • Stay up to date without investing in upgrading technology by consuming which already exists and is up to date


  • Get access to the same technology that a large enterprise would have


  • Take advantage of new innovations that drive down costs while increasing productivity and security, providing the flexibility to scale, and ultimately enabling you to realize your boldest ambitions

Cloud Advisory and Enablement Services

We are your cloud enabler. Let us take you to the cloud


  • We can build private cloud for you and help you transition smoothly


  • Hybrid – We will let you take advantage of both the worlds.


  • We save your time by researching services from different vendors and recommend best solution based on your business requirement. We also provide information to you about how to leverage the power of cloud computing to support your business goals.


  • We help you to decide which service/workload should be moved to cloud based on data (not everything is made to be in cloud)


  • We work with you to understand work processes, provisioning needs, Budgeting and data management requirement.


  • Based on the above inputs and our experience we complete the research and present you with a short list of recommended cloud providers and the best transitioning approach.


  • We negotiate contracts with the cloud provider on your behalf.