Deploy Office 365 Proplus using Intune

29 Aug Deploy Office 365 Proplus using Intune

Microsoft has announced the feature to install Office 365 ProPlus programs to windows 10 devices from the cloud with Intune. This will make it easy and efficient for organization to deploy office proplus on managed devices.



Following are the steps you can follow to get this working.

Sign into the new Intune portal to add and customize office 365 ProPlus deployments.

After choosing the ‘workplace 365 ProPlus Suite (windows 10)’ app type, you can customise the deployment of workplace apps.
First, choose the application you want to install on end user gadgets.

proplus 2


Next, configure the application suite’s information. you may want to input a short description of which apps in this suite, in case you select to make it available in the Intune Company Portal.

proplus 3


Finally, configure a few installation settings, such as system architecture or update channel.

proplus 4

Your end users will be able to install office apps through Intune company portal, if you’ve made them available, otherwise, users can be provided a silent install. once Office is installed on their machines, users will be capable of signing-in and activate the product.
Note: Currently, this feature is only supported on devices without any office installed.

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