Instant File Recovery from Azure VM backups

08 Aug Instant File Recovery from Azure VM backups

Microsoft announced that Instant recovery of files and folders from Azure VM backups by Azure Backup is now generally available. Another addition of features to Azure Backup. Instant recovery of files and folders from On Premise is already available.

instant file recovery with azure VM


Recover files instantly – Now instantly recover files from the cloud backups of Azure VMs without any additional infrastructure. whether it’s accidental file deletion or simply validating the backup, instant restore drastically reduces the time to recover your data.

Open application files without restoring them – iSCSI-based approach allows you to open/mount application files directly from cloud recovery points to application instances. You need not to restore the entire VM and thus save on time taken for recovery and consumption of bandwidth. For e.g. in case of backup of Azure Linux VM running MongoDB, you can mount BSON data dumps from the cloud recovery point and quickly validate the backup or retrieve individual items such as tables without having to download the entire data dump.


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