Large Disk Size Support in Azure Site Recovery

13 Jul Large Disk Size Support in Azure Site Recovery

Following the availability of big disk sizes in Azure, Microsoft has announced that Azure Site recovery (ASR) now supports the disaster recovery and migration of on-premises virtual machines and physical servers with disk sizes of up to 4095 GB to Azure.

Many on-premises virtual machines that are a part of the Database tier and file servers use disks with sizes greater than 1 TB. Support for protecting these virtual machines with large disk sizes has always featured as a top ask from customers.
The new disk sizes are available on both standard and premium storage. In standard storage, two new disk sizes, S40 (2TB) and S50 (4TB) are available for managed and unmanaged disks. For workloads that continuously require high IOPS and throughput, two new disk sizes, P40 (2TB) and P50 (4TB) are available in premium storage, again for both managed and unmanaged disks. depending upon your application requirements, you can choose to replicate your virtual machines to standard or premium storage with ASR.

Below is a screenshot of large size disks being protected.



If you are already using ASR then:


Before you start protecting virtual machines/physical servers with greater than 1 TB disks, you need to install the latest update  your existing on-premises ASR infrastructure.
For VMware environments/physical servers, install the latest update on the Configuration server, additional process servers, additional master target servers and agent.

For Hyper-V environments managed by system Centre VMM, install the latest Microsoft Azure Site Recovery provider update on the on-premises VMM server.

For Hyper-V environments not managed by System Center VMM, install the latest Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Provider on each node of the Hyper-V servers that are registered with Azure Site Recovery.

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