Backup and DR


Cloud Backup

Microsoft Azure backup service gives you the ability and hyper-scale expected to store and recover a lot of information. Azure backup will replace your current on-premises or off-site backups with a cloud-based arrangement that is dependable, secure, and cost effective. Your backup information is extremely secure over the server. With Azure Backup, there is no cost for utilizing onsite storage devices. It automatically assigns and manages storage, and you will pay for the space you use for backup storage.


Site Recovery

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery is an intense Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery arrangement that empowers clients to quickly accomplish noteworthy ROI for a lower TCO. It is an accumulation of capacities that can work over the complete data center, covering all workloads. Analyze the condition of your protected cases persistently and remotely from Azure. When replicating between two websites you control, your virtual machines’ information and replications stays on your systems. When replicating to Azure as the secondary website, your information is encoded and you can also choose encryption for remaining data. Simplify your recovery protection by replicating it to Microsoft Azure. Included advantages from the simplicity , computerization, adjustable recovery plans & health checking.


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