Virtual Machines

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines allows you deploy a large range of computing solutions in an easy way. Install a virtual machine nearly quickly and pay by the minute. With support for Microsoft SQL Server , Linux, Microsoft Windows, Oracle, SAP and many more,  you can install any workload and any language on any operating system.

From Microsoft SharePoint to Dynamics to System Center, you will get great security, execution and reliability when running it on Azure. Our technical support team will cover everything from Microsoft applications to cloud infrastructure. Using Azure Virtual Machines can build reliable security and compliant solutions for your business.


Cloud Storage

Microsoft Azure Storage is the cloud solution for present day for data storage on cloud. Azure Storage is greatly adaptable so you can store and process several terabytes of information required by any application. Based on your requirements, you pay just for the information you’re storing it in Azure. Azure Storage is versatile so you can plan applications for a huge worldwide group of audiences and scale those applications as required – both as far as the amount of data stored and the quantity of request made against it. Azure Storage is available from anyplace on the planet, from an application, regardless of whether it’s running in the cloud, on the desktop, on an on-premises server, or on a versatile or tablet gadget. You can utilize Azure Storage in hybrid situations where the application stores a subset of information on the gadget and synchronizes it with a full arrangement of information put away in the cloud.


App Services

Azure App Service is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) service that integrates Mobile Services and Microsoft Azure Websites. The Azure App Service allows you to quicklyconstruct and handle all your web and mobile applications at a single place.  Not only that, but you can also build mobile applications quickly. Microsoft Azure App Service comes with a Mobile Apps Feature which allows you to build cross-platform applications for numerous mobile and desktop operating systems including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. With these applications, you can send push notifications to numerous people, authenticate your users, and create a custom backend.


SQL Database

A managed cloud database for app developers. SQL Azure is “Microsoft’s cloud database service based on SQL Server database technology and built on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud computing platform”. SQL Azure empowers the companies to store relevant data on the cloud and rapidly scale the size of their databases up or down according to business changes.


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