Operations Management Suite

Microsoft Operations Management Suite makes management in the Microsoft cloud achievable. . The Operations Management Suite (OMS) is a Management-as-a-Service (MaaS), which coordinates flawlessly with your current System Center environment. Along with this it also provides security measures, IT automation and Availability with services such as Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery.

Securing servers and securing information can be an all day work. With the effective, coordinated Operations Management Suite makes you finish these undertakings halfway and with altogether less efforts.


Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is an enhanced security program that allows you to manage your organization passwords with ease. Not only that, but it can also aid you in securing access to numerous cloud applications including web services like Office 365 and numerous software from other developers as well. With the help of Azure Active Directory, you will not only ease your access to cloud applications, but it can also safeguard your organization’s sensitive data. If you are an existing Microsoft Azure customer, then you will get all the services of Azure Active Directory without any additional cost. You can also manage your other software as a service application with Azure Active Directory.


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