Move Your Data To Cloud With Azure

20 Jul Move Your Data To Cloud With Azure

Cloud computing is transforming businesses fundamentally at a very fast pace. Companies are rapidly shifting to cloud technology for increased agility and faster operations.  Multiple companies like Chevron and Allscripts have benefitted by migrating to Azure cloud. With new innovations and cost-effective offers, Azure turns out to be the best option for cloud migration for companies who are looking for a hassle-free solution to shift their apps and data to the cloud. Let us analyze why.

Azure Provides Flexibility

Azure provides flexible migration paths which are consistent. Azure can help you maintain consistency of assets both on-premises and on the cloud. Azure is hybrid by design and there is no need to shift all data at once. For example, Azure Security Centre can help manage security across assets on-premises and on the Azure cloud.

Azure Is Cost Effective

Implementing the Azure cloud turns out to be cost-effective for businesses. With free assessment and multiple cost management tools, Azure helps businesses reduce their migration cost and also optimize their cost after migration.

Low-Risk Solution

With decades of experience is helping companies adopt the latest technology, Azure turns out to be a low risk and high confidence solution. Azure comes with various tools to help businesses plan their cloud migration online.

Azure Ensures Data Security

When your data is on the Azure cloud, you not only benefit from agility, cost savings, and competitive advantage; but also get the benefits of built-in backup, disaster recovery, and security. So while Azure helps speed your digital transformation and fuels your business growth, it also gives you that most valuable of benefits: peace of mind, knowing their data is safe in the cloud. Maybe that’s why 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies trust the Azure cloud.

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