April 30, 2020

Windows Virtual Desktop

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What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in the cloud. It is the only service that delivers multi-session Windows 10, simplified management, and

All you need to get your new WVD environment up and running are following two things:

  1. Properly and efficiently configured Azure infrastructure
  2. Appropriate Windows license to be fully compliant


What are the key benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop?

  • The only multi-session Windows 10 environment
  • Highly cost-effective virtual infrastructure
  • Decreased management overhead to remain most productive
  • Complete support for Remote Desktop Services Environment.
  • The best service to virtualize Office 365 ProPlus running in multi-user virtual scenarios
  • The only service to provide Windows 7 virtual desktop with free Extended Security


  • Seamlessly virtualize both desktops and apps


How much do I have to manage?

Microsoft has turned WVD from IaaS to PaaS, hence, shortening the landscape of the management significantly.



How does the WVD solution reduce costs?

  • WVD reduces customer costs by reducing Infrastructure, Licensing, and Labor costs.
  • Multisession Windows 10 allows significant savings in compute resources, and
  • WVD service replaces complex management requirements of RDS/VDI solutions.
  • WVD is free to use with many existing licenses and you no longer have to pay for RDS CAL licenses.
  • Labor savings are realized by the shift from IaaS to PaaS removing the need to manage core services
  • like broker/gateway/web access etc. reducing management overhead.

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