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AWS Management Console

AWS is one of the largest cloud service providers in the market. There is no questioning. The quick access to Amazon Web Services is one of the key triggers for AWS in cloud-based computing. And what’s it like? The AWS Management Console or AWS Console lets us do the same. In this AWS Console blog, I’m going to show you all the fun things you can do with AWS.

In Amazon web services ( AWS), you can develop and deploy every kind of application in the cloud. It is a service provider from Amazon that offers services in the form of building blocks. These resources or building blocks are built to work together and deliver complex and highly flexible applications. (Read:- Azure AD SSO & AWS – Connecting the Rivals)

AWS has around 70 different services under different domains.

What Is the AWS Console?

You can handle AWS by using the AWS Console or AWS Management Console. The availability list contains a variety of programs. This system facilitates diverse tasks such as supplying metric statistics or account billing etc. The built-in user interface allows you to use S3 containers, launch of instances, etc.

The quick and easy web-based user interface allows you to navigate and control Amazon Web Services. If you wish to use any of the functionality using your cell phone, you can easily view resources using the AWS Console smartphone app.

Here is the list of some of the features of AWS Console:

  1. Administer your AWS account
  2. Finding Services in the AWS Console
  3. Learn More About AWS
  4. Pin Service Shortcuts
  5. Tag Editor
  6. Manage AWS Resources from your Mobile Device

Getting Started with AWS Console

You need to build an account on AWS before we begin exploring the functionality of this console. For those without an account, the AWS site can be accessed and a free account can be established. Your credit/debit card particulars must be entered. During your free membership, AWS will not bill you as long as you use the facilities according to these limitations.

Accessing AWS Services:

There are two ways to do it. One, you can click on the Services tab on the left top corner of the Console, and a list of all the services is made available to you. Two, use the search tab to look for the desired service.

AWS Services

Pinning Services to The Console

You can easily pin shortcuts of frequently used services to the Console. Just click on the Pin icon on the top left corner of the Console and click hold the service you wish to pin it to the Console.

AWS Management Console

Next, drag and drop the desired service on the Pin icon and your shortcut would be created.

Pin Shortcuts

You can drag and drop them back if you want to remove these icons.

Account Drop Down                                                                                             

On the top right corner, you have a tab with your account name. If you click on it, you will have the following features made available to you:

You can explore account details, organization details, check your billing dashboard, change password, etc. To the right of this tab is the ‘Region ‘tab which tells you which region you are currently operating from and you can go ahead chose other regions.

There are a lot more things one can do with the AWS Console. Each service has functionalities of its own.

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