AWS Update:- Amazon ECS now adds container instance health information

Customers may now see the health of their compute infrastructure using Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS). The customers running their workloads using Amazon ECS on Amazon EC2 or on-premises with Amazon ECS anywhere can now examine the health status of the container runtime (i.e Docker) for their container instances directly from the Amazon ECS API. This would help customers to improve application resiliency.  

In a very rare scenario, problems might arise with the host infra or Docker runtime which will eventually prevent new containers from starting or may even affect the existing containers. Amazon ECS automatically monitors the runtime of containers for responsiveness on the customer’s behalf. Customers can use the ECS Describe-Instances API with the include Health Status option to view the health information for their Amazon ECS Tasks. 

Customers can check the health of all their Amazon ECS container instances that are running version 1.57.0 or above of the Amazon ECS container agent. This version is pre-installed with the Amazon ECS-optimized AMI version 20211103. Amazon ECS is available in all AWS regions that are open to the public.  

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