In this era of huge shift towards cloud, businesses taking first steps to optimize and manage cloud infrastructure resources are looking at making the most out of cloud solutions. But, at the same time many organizations have experienced that Azure is also a complex tool box with many options and features. They have found out they still need to design, build and maintain their IT resources, when opting for Azure.

So, the choices at hand are, First, we do it ourselves This means they have to invest in people, knowledge and tools to ensure maximum uptime for their mission-critical applications or, Second, we let the experts take full responsibility of managing their Cloud Infrastructure.

Below is a quick overview of the services you will get
  • Regular Monitoring of Azure Environment

    • Azure IaaS Monitoring
    • Threat Monitoring
    • Alerting & Integrated Incident Management
    • Quick action and mitigation of complexities
  • Backup Management

    • Backup Status Monitoring
    • Backup Test Runs and Reporting
    • Quick Reporting
  • DR Management

    • Scalability Management and Reporting
    • DR Testing & Validation
    • Report formation of DR Drills
  • IaaS Management

    • Azure IaaS Resource Configuration Management
    • Azure IaaS Patch Management
    • Azure Runbook Development & Scheduling
    • DB Health Check & Performance Tuning
    • AD Health Check & Diagnostics
  • Network Configuration Management

    • Azure Virtual Network Management
    • Azure Connectivity, Express Route & VPN Management
    • Azure Web Traffic Management
    • Third Party Security Virtual Appliance Management
  • Security Management

    • System Threat Management
    • Web Application Firewall Management
    • Network Assessments
    • Network Security Group Management
    • RBAC Security and Access Management
    • Azure IaaS Anti-Virus Updates
    • Azure IaaS/PaaS Application Certificate Management
    • Encryption Management using Key Vault
  • Azure Infrastructure Inputs

    • Azure Spend Analysis & Optimization Services
    • Periodic Architecture Review
    • Infrastructure Modernization Guidance

Microsoft Azure Managed Services provided by Mismo Systems allows you to be fully concentrated on core business activities and adding value to the organization. we can take care of your cloud presence while you channel all your efforts and productivity in the best possible manner. We at Mismo Systems optimize, monitor and help you migrate to Azure environments. We take care of all your virtual machines, systems, databases, media, and mobile services.

Let us help you use the best cloud platform

Assessment, Design, Development, and Migration to Azure

Assess your needs and provide reasons with data on why and why not use Azure

Assess your Application/workload and help you test feasibility on using Azure

Help you calculate the cost and ROI of Azure solution

Design the Application/workload on Azure

Create the Azure environment

  • Virtual Network
  • Virtual Machines
  • Application
  • Databases
  • Connectivity
  • Security
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Virtual Machines
  • Directory Synchronization

Migrate from On-Premise application to Azure

Migrate from On-Premise databases to Azure database

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