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CDN (Content Delivery Network)

What is CDN?

  • CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, it provides high bandwidth web content to users. CDN is also called Edge Server that is globally distributed.
  • Data is cached at CDN Endpoint in POP Location (Point-of-presence).

How does It work?

  • User Access data from their Closest CDN Endpoint to minimize latency.
  • If data is not available at a CDN point, Azure Retrieves it from the Origin server and cache it at the CDN Endpoint.
  • An origin server can be an Azure Web App, Azure Cloud Service, Azure Storage Account, or any publicly accessible web server.

What are the key benefits of CDN?

  • It is a low-cost service.
  • In CDN, Users have the ability to quick data access from POP location.
  • CDN provides better performance and Improved Experience for End Users
  • Improves performance by compression.
  • Cache Content remains in the cache for the duration of TTL By Default 7 Days.
  • CDN has a shared Cache.
  • We can allow or restrict Azure CDN content for some countries.
                             Resource           Default Limit        Max Limit
CDN Profile                          25                 25
CDN Profile per profile                           10                 25
Custom Domain per Endpoint                           10                  25

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