Cloud Migration

Migrating applications, servers, and data from an on-premises datacenter or from legacy infrastructure to public cloud infrastructure.

Migrate your Applications, servers and data to cloud!

Migrating to the cloud seems to be an easy decision to take, however, it should be taken very carefully. A smooth migration requires a lot of assessment and planning, including detailed impact assessment on business processes and operations.

Mismo Systems offers end-to-end consulting & migration services to migrate your on-premises applications to public cloud (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform).

We helps you choose the right cloud platform based on your business requirement, budget, and other constraints.

Cloud Migration

Benefits at a glance



Public clouds provide enterprise grade multi-layer security across physical datacenters, infrastructure, and operations. Rely on a cloud that is built with customized hardware, has security controls integrated into the hardware and firmware components, and added protections against threats such as DDoS.



Migrating to public cloud can improve performance and user experience. Global geographical presence of public cloud datacentres reduces network latency, as the services on cloud can run near to the users.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Public cloud provides enterprise grade backup and DR capabilities at very low cost. Unlike traditional on-premises DR, you only pay for the storage when the workloads are replicating and save cost on monitoring, patching, and maintaining the DR infrastructure.


Cost Benefits

Public clouds work on Pay-as-you-go model, so no large upfront investments to setup the infrastructure. Also, cloud providers take over maintenance and upgrade, which reduces the cost of IT operations significantly.



Services on cloud can scale up/out and down/in easily to meet the users and workload demand, more easily than on-premises infrastructure.


Regulatory Compliance

One of the key driving factors of migrating to cloud for many organizations is they need to comply with legal and regulatory standards. Public clouds are equipped with many compliance certificates, specific to global region, countries, such as US, the European Union, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, China, and India. Also, compliance specific to the needs of key industries, including health, government, finance, education, manufacturing, and media.

Cloud Migration

Our Approach

We deliver complete the engagement in the following three phases:

Phase 1

Assessment & Design

  • Assess the on-premises environment using native tools
  • Capture the business and technical requirements
  • Identify risk and dependencies
  • Plan and design the cloud solution based on the assessment

Phase 2


  • Rehost/Refactor/Rearchitect/Rebuild the application/workload on cloud
  • Document and handover to operations team

Phase 3


  • Monitor the Azure environment and resources after migration
  • Optimize the resources based on the monitoring results to improve performance and optimize cost

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