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COVID-19: What it does for Information Technology?

Ever Since, the world got hit by the pandemic of Coronavirus, virtually everything has come to freeze. We are not able to do the most mundane things that are part of our everyday lives. we cannot go out to eat, we cannot step out to see our friends and we cannot even go out for walks.

The effect COVID-19 has had on our lives during these last couple of months is unprecedented. Looking from a Macro-Scope lens, we can see how badly it has been affecting our economy. Since, residents cannot leave their houses, all industries requiring presence of people are completely shut. Manufacturing Sector, Transportation Sector, and Entertainment sector are to name a few.

Between all this, what about the millions of people who spend all their days working on computers? Are they continuing their work as usual, off course not! In India, a lot of us are still working on desktops fixed in offices, hence crippling us from joining the still active workforce. But even if we have laptops or computers at our houses, will that be enough? Going by the surge in number and severity of the cyber crimes that may not seem to be a plausible method. It requires a well-defined and secured environment to let employees access the company’s in-house datacentres.

There has been a sudden spike in the number of laptops being sold in India, during the lockdown. Lenovo India is aiming to double its PC shipment volume in the financial year 2020-21 and log 15 per cent year-over-year revenue growth as stated by Rahul Agarwal, CEO and MD, Lenovo India. Not only this, majority of IT requests are being made to set their organisations up and work from home across the company. So, as the days are passing a number of companies are joining back with their full potential and dealing with the circumstances with their full force.

As of now, we as earthlings do not know, when we will be able to get on top pandemic and for how long is it going to claim human lives? But one thing is apparent, that is, it will not squeeze the life out of our economy totally. It won’t be wrong to say that we,  being part of Indian economy, has a duty to contribute our ailing economy by joining our work as soon as possible so that we can make up for damages to the best of our abilities.

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