AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

Consolidated Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery solution for automated and efficient movement and continuity.

Simplify and accelerate migration

Better, Faster, More Affordable Disaster Recovery

How AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Works?

Continuously replicates any application or database from any source into AWS

Business outcome: Use AWS to significantly reduce DR TCO while improving recovery objectives

Why Migrate your workload to AWS?

  • Most Trusted Cloud Platform

  • Most comprehensive and mature migration technology

  • One-stop migration solutions

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Migration to AWS creates value beyond cost savings

  • Cost savings (TCO)
  • Staff productivity
  • Operational resilience
  • Business agility

Automate Your Cloud Migration

Benefits of CloudEndure as seen across thousands of migrations

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Average Infrastructure Cost Savings

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More Features Delivered Per Year

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Downtime Hours

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IT Staff Productivity Boost

Business Outcomes

Robust Operations

Achieve steadfast reliability and availability based on top-tier recovery objectives

Operational Efficiency

Obtain substantial cost savings by reducing the need for duplicate infrastructure and licensing

Peace of Mind

Minimize downtime and data loss by conducting easy-to-launch, non-disruptive disaster recovery tests

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