Enterprise Mobility & Security — EMS

Comprehensive security for your workplace no matter where the user or devices are in the mobile-first cloud-first world.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is an intelligent mobility management and security platform.

It helps protect and secure your organization and empowers your employees to work in new and flexible ways.

As your team embrace a new culture of work across devices and cloud apps, it is important to secure our digital estate. For the highest level of productivity, it is encouraged to use any device and work from any location. So, the need to balance mobility with security to protect our corporate resources, data, and documents increased multi-fold.

Enterprise Mobility & Security

Benefits at a glance

Easy Device & Apps Management

Single management console to manage desktop clients for software update, inventory, protection, and apps across a broad range of devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Data Control and Security

Restrict copy, paste, screenshots, and sending of company data. Set the expiry date for accessibility to your files along with blacklisting jail-broken devices.

Identity and Access Management

Setup MFA for the company apps, setup conditional access to limit the access based on geo-location and enrolment of the devices and users.

Labelling & Classification

Classify your data between company confidential, public, personal and many more categories. Track the movement of your file and control its accessibility at any moment.

Automatic Device Setup

Configuring all the applications and policies on a new device automatically just by signing-in with your corporate account.

Advanced Threat Analytics

Get the intelligent and ever learning solution to inform you of suspicious behaviour and security threats that helps you stop the attack before it happens.

Enterprise Mobility & Security

Real world Functions

Cyber Threat Minimization

With advanced identity management features you can limit the access to your office workload only from approved devices. Along with it, comes the conditional access to fully monitor and filter out the access based on the geo-location or IP addresses.

New User Onboarding

Setting up user devices for the new team members can be repetitive and cumbersome task. With EMS configuring all the applications and policies can be automated and hence saving time and energy of our IT.

Data Protection Surety

With EMS you can control where you data travels and who has it. Even if your data gets leaked somehow, you can rest assured that the files would not be accessible until you allow it. All a use needs to do is label the data and the control is yours.

Embrace BYOD

Giving the freedom to users to be flexible with devices they want to work with is one of more liberating initiatives. Not only does it give wings to team but also controls company’s cost. Fully control your organization data without hampering user’s privacy.

Lost Devices

It is not very uncommon to have your device stolen or lost, EMS gives you power to still be 100% secure with you company data by allowing you to remotely wipe your device and decommission it, so, no unapproved entity will be able to get their hands on your work.

Identity Theft Solution

If the credentials of a manager are compromised and a hacker gains access to the system. Advanced Threat Analytics will warn the company of a potentially dangerous situation by detecting the changed behaviour of that manager.

We make sure that you are fully focused on your business without a single concern of IT. Let us take away the worries which do not bring you more business, so that, you can go out and do more.

A Customer's Story

Client – A Learning-Based company

About Client – The client is a learning-based company helping the organization by training their employees and helping them increase their productivity and competence in different disciplines.

Enterprise Mobility & Security comes with different plans with progressively increasing security features to fulfil your unique requirements. We would like to get in touch with you to understand what you may  need and which plan is best suited for you.

Below are the two most common plans with their market rates:

  1. Enterprise Mobility & Security E3 – ₹ 630.00 user/month
  2. Enterprise Mobility & Security E5 – ₹ 1,065.00 user/month

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Brief list of FAQs about EMS

With EMS E3 you get a perfect blend of Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, Azure Information Protection and Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics.

Yes, EMS is included in Modern workplace solution from Microsoft such as M365 Business Premium, M365 E3 and M365 E5.

Yes, you can selectively choose users to subscribe EMS for, all its policies will and security features will only apply on them.