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How moving to the cloud reduces your impact on the environment?

Cloud computing is a concept of sharing services over a network to maximize the effectiveness of the resources. These resources are shared by multiple users all over the world, thus maximizing the computing power and reducing environmental damage. For example, a cloud computer facility that serves European users during European business hours with a specific application (e.g., email) may reallocate the same resources to serve North American users during North America’s business hours with a different application (e.g., a web server).

Some of the reasons why more and more people every day are opting for cloud computing is that it is cost efficient specially for startups since there is no need for them to buy new hardware, software or license. They can get all this on cloud and just start working on their ideas. Project management can also be done effectively from anywhere in the world by a team which might not be located at the same place.

Apart from this cloud computing is environmentally a better choice. More and more organizations are emphasizing on lowering their carbon footprint to develop a long-term strategy of a sustainable growth without harming the environment. Cloud presents a lot of benefits to this effect. Instead of every company using their own hardware, company shares same hardware to increase utilization. Further, Servers are kept in climate-controlled room where temperature and humidity level are carefully maintained, and cloud providers can use high-density efficient layouts that are hard for in-house centres to replicate. Smaller companies where money is a major deciding factor are likely to overlook an energy-saving equipment for a cheaper one. Cloud eliminates this problem by providing same equipment to all companies.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Northwestern University conducted a six-month study, funded by Google, in which they found that moving common software applications used by 86 million U.S. workers to the cloud would amount to cutting the energy use by 87% which can power Los Angeles for a year, the report said. Data centre energy consumption is expected to drop by 31 percent from 2010 to 2020 due to the continued adoption of cloud computing.

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