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Is sharing content on your website & giving access via publicly safe?

As we all know since last two months coronavirus pandemic that has forced people to stay indoors and work from home, leaving voice and video calls the only way of communication. But at the same time while working remotely we should keep in mind that we are accessing it through a safe platform via the right guidance also.

For Ex. Securing your company’s data using an antivirus is an Active approach for cybersecurity but once you use that same product under proper guidance with subject to strong password policies, reviews reports on data sharing give you more Proactive approach so that your data might not be hacked or there must be any loopholes.
Similarly, this works in IT too maybe you are using the good product but if you are not using it into proper guidance then it can harm your company’s data also which will allow hackers to access through RDP’s access. Here we at Mismo Systems are “not just vendors, we are your TRUSTED ADVISORS”. We help you in advising the right solution for your company so that it can help you work Productive as well as Securely also.

A few days back one of the leading video conferencing providers has also faced hacking issues in which approx 5 Lacs accounts were been hacked. And recently one of the leading online education companies has also faced similar issues in which 22 million user accounts data was been hacked which include usernames, passwords, profiles of students as well as their staff members. The major cause amongst these is setting up via proper security check parameters. Choosing on the cloud as per the latest requirement is everyone but also getting started with that journey by Right & Secure hands is also an essential part of your environment.

Possible Solutions to overcome the above issues :

1. Try to evaluate good advisors rather than just a vendor.
2. Don’t just rely Vendors on their names rather choose on quality deliverables project that they had done in the past.
3. Try to get them connected through live examples, Case studies, or References from their existing customer who can share their experience with you.
4. Always get planning & designing of your services in scope so that in future good understanding must be they’re of how they are managing your environment.
5. After evaluating the vendor tries to get a Pilot survey. Although this pilot may not have full functionality described in an architecture design document, you can verify whether the environment is configured appropriately for deployment.
6. If you are using any content of your data via a public, Always try to evaluate their risks, issues & dependencies also.
7. Try to get everything documented like SLA in proper document format agreed by both vendors as well as you.
8. Get regular reports & updates about health and performance monitoring of your infra.
9. If you are using Disaster Recovery tools try to get monthly test failovers.

Educate your remote workers about the remote working policies and practices to follow security guidelines.

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