We follow a phased approach when delivering enterprise project. Following are the phases and a brief of each. Although each phase is important, we put more emphasis on Assessment, Design and Transition phase. We believe the effective planning and handover are key to success of any project.

Work Process


We believe that a proper assessment of current infrastructure, proper understanding of business and technical requirements is the base of project success. We do workshops with IT and Business teams to gather all the information we can about your current environment and business reasons for taking up the project. We use defined templates, questionnaires and tools to assess the existing environment. We talk through needs and review the options available. We take your feedback on budget, timelines, uptime, and priorities. We document those requirements and use it in the design phase.


We develop designs documents with all the details from the assessment phase. These documents include the current landscape of your environment, along with a deployment and migration or upgrade design that maps the rest of the process our team will use to get you from point A to point B. Any necessary software, hardware, dependencies, user impact, user communication and configuration needs are included along with a timeline so that you have complete visibility.


After the architecture design is completed and signed-off, we deploy a pilot for customer review. Although this pilot may not have all the functionality described in the architecture design document, it allows the customer to verify that the environment is configured appropriately for deployment.


After the pilot is successful and signed off and all functionality of the final deliverables are confirmed, we start implementing the whole solution to the customer’s live environment. We follow the design document and other important information gathered during planning phase. This ensures a successful deployment with no or minimal issues.


After the successful completion of deployment phase, we provide training to the operations team and deliver all relevant project documents including deployment document, operation manuals, known issues, and knowledge base to help them administer the new infrastructure. This approach ensures a smooth transition to operations and business can use the complete value of the investment made.