Modern Workplace Implementation for A Leading Financial Service Company

Business Requirement

The infrastructure in use for the AD services, file share services was legacy and had not been upgraded with the advancement of time. The need was to upgrade & clean up the existing infrastructure and implement new security feature to help secure the infrastructure. They decided to involve a service provider who could assess their existing infrastructure, understand their current and future requirements, and propose a solution that can help them achieve the goals with minimal impact on the end user.
That is where Mismo Systems, with its rich experience in designing enterprises solutions and protecting business systems using modern technology, stepped in.


Mismo Systems started the engagement with understanding the current environment and customer’s business needs, that included:

After the first stage of assessment and requirement gathering, Mismo team presented the solution to the Invast Securities team: “Modern Workplace Implementation”

5 part approach

Mismo Systems is known to follow a disciplined 5-part approach to make sure that every project is delivered in the smoothest of ways without any unanticipated hiccups or unpleasant surprises:

1. Assessment

Clear understanding and documentation of environment to protect along with clear and agreed upon business requirements is a key to success of any project.
Mismo project team ensured that they have a clear understanding of current architecture,
integration points, user access and expectation of business leaders from a DR solution. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Achievements of Stage

2. Design

This phase comprised of the Mismo team soaking in all the information and creating a design in accordance with the business requirements received from the client. A design document was
created for the same which broke down the various aspects of the solution.
Based on the current environment, business requirements and the complexities involved,
Mismo Systems, suggested to use migrate the workplace services to a new Microsoft 365 and
Active Directory environment to start from scratch as a solution. Microsoft Intune was recommended as the MDM solution to manage user devices and security policies such as Azure Information Protection and Windows Information Protection were implemented .

Achievements of Stage

3. Testing

It is important to test the plan before we implement it for production environment. We
decided to do a test migration using a couple of test accounts we created. The existing set up was emulated to the full and device migration using Windows Autopilot was performed. A new domain was configured using AWS EC2 instances and Azure AD Connect was set up with the new Microsoft 365 tenant to sync user identities.
After the successful completion of the test phase, emails & OneDrive for Business data was migrated from the existing tenant to the new one. BitTitan, one of the most popular migration tools available in the market was utilized.

Achievements of Stage

4. Pilot & Deployment

At this stage, we are ready for production deployment. Environment is configured as per
parameters defined in design phase and validated in pilot phase. We follow the runbook for deployment to ensure there is no deviation from plan and all steps of deployment are documented.
This being a tenant-to-tenant migration, a cutover was performed from the old Microsoft 365 tenant to the new one. BitTitan’s Deployment Pro module was used to perform Outlook profile migrations while the machines were still part of the old domain.
User devices were migrated to the new domain in hybrid AD join state in batches in the following weeks.

Achievements of Stage

4. Transition

This phase is equally important where project team hand over the deployment to operations/managed services team.
Documentation is shared with managed services team and required training is provided.
Solution is tested and all stakeholders & users are educated about the solution.

Achievements of Stage

The Result

As desired, the Mismo team carried a smooth deployment with minimal to no issues being reported. The proactive approach of Mismo team made sure that any issues that arose were nipped in the bud. There was no downtime, and it was a seamless deployment.

Migrating workplace services and implementing security policies without impacting user productivity is a complex deployment and making it simple and easy to test is the challenge we at Mismo Systems long for.

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