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Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is a security system that requires more than one method of authentication to verify the user’s identity. 

Before it was easy to hack the account password, after using MFA it’s intricate to break the passwords. 

Advantage of MFA 

1-Improved Reliability 

2-Compliance with Regulation 

3-Simplifying the Customer Identification Process 

4-Stronger Security &Additional Layer Security 


Types of Authentication  

  • Phone call: a call is made to the phone registered to users. In this case, the user will be prompted to answer the call and to verify that you can get access to by pressing the button # or entering a PIN code. 
  • Text message (SMS): is sent to the user’s mobile phone an SMS that has a pin code of 6 figures who must be entered during the authentication process. 
  • Notified by Mobile App: the user’s Smartphone is sent through Mobile App a challenge that must be approved by the user to complete the authentication process. 
  • Verification code via Mobile App: in this user’s Smartphone Mobile App generates a code of 6 digits each 30 seconds. The user would then put the latest code when that authenticates. 

Reason to use MFA 

As cyber-attacks increase in day by day and governments make more and more regulations to prevent fraud, businesses will find they can no longer afford to avoid using customer verification. For Reducing the number of data breaches we are using MFA. 

Prerequisite of MFA 

In order to use the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), You must have access to a subscription Azure. 

The hardware requirements as regards Multi-Factor Authentication Server Azure are minimal (200 MB disk space and 1 GB RAM), While the following software features: 

  • Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R 2 or higher 
  • Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework 
  • IIS 7.0 or higher if you want to install the User Portal or the Web Service SDK 

Step1- Select preferred option “Call my authentication phone number” 

Step2- Enable Authentication phone & fill details 

Step3- Verify preferred options 

Step4- After verification, you got the call from the Microsoft Authenticator team 

Step5- New Preferred Option-Select Text code to my authentication phone 

Step6- Update Successful 

Step7- Verify the Code from phone 

Step8– New preferred option-Select Notify me through the app & click on the Setup Authenticator app 

Step9- Configure mobile app 

Step10- Install Microsoft Authenticator in  Phone download from Play store 

Step11- Add Account –Click on Work or school account 

Step12- After Activating check the message then finish 

Step13- Approve 

Step14- Select New preferred option-”Notify me through app then save setting” 


Step15-Verifying the app 

Step16-Verify preferred option 

Step17- Verifying app token 

Step18- Verifying app or token 

 Step19- Update Successful 

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