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NAV Implementation on Azure with Managed Services

Business Requirement

Our client was looking for a service provider to give them Office 365 and managed backup because of their growing IT needs. They found us through a referral. Being satisfied with the services provided, they involved us in their NAV requirement. We suggested, designed, and deployed the NAV on cloud and are also managing it for them since then.


We worked with application and business teams to understand the technical and business requirements. We then used our knowledge and experience to design a stable, secure, and scalable solution to host NAV on cloud.
We proposed to use a hybrid solution with an app tier on IaaS and Database tier on PaaS, making it a cost-effective solution with high availability.
NAV is a business system and needs to be secured. Access to the system was limited using Site to Site VPN for office users and Point to Site VPN for remote users.


“Our approach in executing any project is essentially the same,” says – Vineet Arora -principal consultant at Mismo Systems, “we ensure that we understand the requirement well, plan everything and design a solution that is in the best interest of our customers.”


We had a timely and successful deployment of NAV on the cloud and have been using the services since then without any outage.

ClientBusiness Consulting company in India
About ClientOur client supports European and international companies in planning, implementing, controlling and optimizing their business activities and projects in India.

NAV Implementation on Azure with Managed Services

“We are glad to have Mismo Systems as a trusted IT partner. We have taken various services from them including Office 365, Cloud Backup and recently deployed our NAV on cloud with their help. Our NAV is completely managed by them.
The thing we love about Mismo is that they have been very supportive. They assessed our business very well and explained to us which software will make us more effective and productive. They are more of a trusted advisor to us.
We had a smooth NAV deployment on cloud. As part of managed services, Mismo voluntarily told us about the resources we have not been using and how can we reduce costs by cutting them off our plans.
We trust Mismo and feel very secure about our data because of them”

Head – Administration – Business Consulting company in India