Office 365 Migration for Fabcafé

Office 365 Migration for Fabcafé

About ClientFabcafé is an organic initiative by Fabindia Overseas Private Limited and is a natural and bright café that serves Inspired Indian Food with a Modern Interpretation, headquartered in New Delhi with cafés in major cities across India.
ScopeOffice 365

Business Requirement

Client was using Microsoft Azure, Office 365 Business, and G Suite for their day to day and business operations. 

The client wanted to Implement Office 365- Configuring Office 365 and Microsoft 365, Migration of Emails and Drive from G Suite to Office 365, Setting up Microsoft 365 & Setting up of Single-Sign-On (SSO) along with Documentation and training.


Keeping all the concerns in mind, Office 365 was implemented. Thanks to Microsoft, it was possible for us to plan & set up an infrastructure that could fulfil such a requirement in a few days & helped in carrying out the design and configuration efficiently.


The following steps were undertaken to implement Office 365 efficiently.

  1. Creation of Office 365 tenant.
  2. Verify the required domains in O365.
  3. Set up sync between on-prem AD and Office 365.
  4. Verify the IMAP setting.
  5. Create a list of Gmail mailboxes to migrate.
  6. Connect Office 365 to Gmail.
  7. Create a migration batch and start migrating Gmail mailboxes.
  8. Create SharePoint sites and configure access policies.
  9. Update your DNS.
  10. Configuring OneDrive, SharePoint sync, and outlook.
  11. Stop email sync between Gmail and Office 365.
  12. Terminate G Suite subscription.
  13. Transition – Documentation, Training, and Support.


Following the best practices efficiently, we virtualized the customer’s big landscape of IT service, enabling each and every user to perform at peak without any disruption in system while maintaining highest level of security.

Virtualizing whole infra in one go seemed a major financial burden at first, but with our precise scoping and efficient deployment we were able to achieve the goal.

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