Automate time-consuming, repetitive, and manual procedures with Microsoft Power Automate. No code and little effort!

Automate your repetitive workflows to remain focused.

Power Automate is an intelligent cloud-based solution that uses triggers and actions to create a chain reaction within your normal workflows and automate them. All the repetitive, manual and mundane processes that do not require human intervention can be taken care of by themselves with you having to put your efforts into them. Set the trigger and all the subsequent actions get completed in the set order. Utilize 100s of the connector to fully customize your workflows and have it built exactly as per your requirements.

Power Automate

Real world Functions

Simplified HR On-Boarding

Whenever a new employee joins the company, we have to go through the repetitive procedure of creating the account, assign licenses and permission and notifying the rest of the members. With the Power platform you can automate all of this, just fill up a simple form and let the rest of the configurations happen in the backend.

Payment-Clearing process

Payment clearing for an order can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process that keeps a lot of people in the loop be it people from the Procurement or Accounts department. A long-drawn cycle of amount review going from bottom to top and then approvals coming from top to bottom can stretch the process more than necessary. Power Automate lets you review and give approvals quickly with a single click while notifying others in the loop.

Order Procurement Flow

A normal order procurement goes through the phase of inviting multiple quotations, comparing them and subsequently sending the preferred proposal to the upper management for approval that takes a long time to be concluded and keep everybody looped in. Set the automation to select the one and trigger the approval flow to quickly conclude the deals.

Leave Management

Leave Management is an important part of the business that is used almost every other day. Even though it is used very often across the organization it still remains a manual and tiresome process. Power automate can simply take care of it by starting the chain of events as soon as the triggers go off. An employee can ask for leaves once it is approved it will directly show up in the user’s calendar while notifying the team members.

Reimbursement automation

For the sales team on the move, reimbursement for the conveyance is a common event that happens every month. This loop of amount raising its approval from the immediate manager and finally getting reimbursed by HR team can make the process much easier once automated.

Employee Helpdesk

Using the Power platform, we can also automate the little requests and queries of our team members relating to some item requirement such as Keyboard, Mouse or even a new system. This makes it way easier for the employees to share their needs to keep them fully productive while notifying the concerned people.

Power Automate

Benefits at a glance

Automate Everything

Automate a wide range of processes be it work, notification or social media activities to remain on top of everything without big efforts.

Automate Fast

No need to spend too much time, energy and money. Get the business processes automated quickly as per your requirements.

Enhanced Productivity

With the time-saving workflows in actions, save more time for more valuable and focus intensive work for greater results.

Always Remain Notified

Say goodbyes to the fear of forgetting tasks and work. Use the solution as your personal assistant to notify you from time to time.

Pricing – Let’s work this out.

Having a high scope for customization and limitless unique cases, precise pricing for this project can only be done with the understanding of your exact requirement.

Please reach us to have a look into your case and present a precise quotation for the same. We are always ready to help you.

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A brief list of FAQs about Power Automate

This automation environment is created with the help of Power Automate and Power Apps.

M365 comes with the included subscription of both Power Automate and Power Apps but with limited capability. The license may be required depending on your unique usage.

No, since, these are cloud-based services, no hardware changes are required given that it supports the basic functionality.