SAP Migration from On Premises to Microsoft Azure

Business Requirement

Our client was running the SAP ECC environment on physical servers. Servers were out of warranty and End of Life. There was a huge cost of maintaining these servers with regular problems. They decided to evaluate the cloud to host the SAP environment. Primary asks were that the solution should be cost-effective and there shouldn’t be issues in migration. The cloud platform should be SAP certified with data centres in India and should have security certifications. Access to the SAP environment must be secured with only authorized persons having to access the system. They also wanted to test the solution before finalizing it.


Mismo Systems began the process by assessing the Client’s business needs and requirements. Multiple meetings were held with various stakeholders from the business.

After completing the assessment Mismo Systems planned for a solution that is cost-effective, reliable, and futuristic. Microsoft Azure was chosen as the cloud platform. The Right-sizing of the environment was done. To control the cost, it was decided to use Azure Automation to start and stop the servers on a schedule to control cost and use the Pay as you Go benefit of the cloud.


SAP environment was provisioned on Azure as per the sizing, automation configured and NSG was set up to secure the environment. The environment was configured to be accessible only over VPN. Both S2S and P2S VPN options were configured.

After UAT migration, the production database was migrated for UAT. After the successful UAT of the new environment, downtime was planned, access to the on-premises SAP production environment was blocked and final data migration was done.

The system has been running successfully after go-live and managed by Mismo Systems.


SAP migration was completed successfully to Microsoft Azure and all the business requirements were met. This resulted in an efficient, secure and cost-effective SAP environment running on Microsoft Azure.


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