Storage on Cloud

Cloud provides an excellent and secure storage solution for your general file storage and for your critical data backup needs of business. Many Businesses use traditional methods for their file storage and data backup which generally includes storing it on premises. Such methods make them incur more cost as well as make their business prone to critical data loss and failure in case of any unforeseen mishappenings including machine failure or other natural or manmade disasters

Some of many advantages of using a cloud solution are as follows: –


Businesses and organizations can reduce annual operating costs by utilizing economies of scale provided by large cloud networks. Since Cloud vendors buy lot of storage and provide these benefits to their customers by giving customizable low cost per – GB plans according to your needs. Moving to cloud for storage reduces your requirement for hard disks and power resources. It also lowers your management costs by reducing on-premise hardware and software management, simplifying monitoring, and reducing the need for extensive capacity planning. Instead, you can focus on other, more important, tasks.

Easy backup

Cloud Provide redundancy for your data by keeping multiple copies of your data on their remote servers. Business who want extra dose of safety can access their geographical replication option which makes multiple copies of your data across various regions around the globe. The data you stored in your cloud is backed up regularly without effecting your day to day operations and you can access or restore your data anywhere and anytime offering you a well-protected backup service. These features have let many businesses choose cloud environment for their data protection, offering them both convenience and peace of mind.

Customizable plans

Cloud providers offer different storage classes / data tiers which gives you option to choose best plan for your business requirements. You can make selection based on your storage space requirement and/or your backup interval and duration. Some vendors offer object lifecycle policies that can automatically scale data between tiers, which reduces administration and lets you more easily realize cost savings.

Easy collaboration

Cloud provides an excellent environment for your collaboration purposes. Since data in your cloud can be stored and retrieved from anywhere and on any device including Pc, Mac, mobile phones, tablets etc. A cloud environment enables multiple people to access, edit and collaborate on a single file or document. Your people can access the cloud environment from anywhere in the world and collaborate in real-time.

Better data security 

Major Cloud Providers use build in-encryption services. These cloud service providers offer various encryption services — ranging from an encrypted connection to limited encryption of sensitive data — and provide encryption keys to decrypt the data as needed. These added levels of security ensure your data protection from unwarranted uses.

Ransomware/Malware protection

Ransomware is always bad news. Unfortunately, it is a lot in news today. Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. Ransomware has a sinister tendency to look beyond the locally infected computer to the network for shares that have documents and files to encrypt. Due to such increasing threats many cloud providers give your data advanced security features that your enterprise deserves. Such judicious measures include strict identity and access management rules, Proper versioning facilities which allows keeping multiple variants of an object stored in cloud storage, regular scans of third-party apps by your cloud.


Transitioning from the tradition of using local disk to cloud storage can be stressful, but it’s happening more and more every day. Many businesses are embracing cloud technologies as inevitable to stay ahead of their competition. The benefits of cloud storage over local disk are many. We at Mismo Systems with our expertise in providing different managed cloud services can make your business path to digital transformation for future effortless and convenient.

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