Tally on Azure for a learning Business Company

Business Requirement

With the increasing need for accessibility to its accounting environment, the customer wanted to host Tally centrally in a consolidated form, where users sitting in different states and different location could access it while maintaining the highest level of security. Having users in different states, it became a problem for them to manage Tally centrally for all the users sitting across the nation. Also, there was no facility to enable users to work from home or any device. With the increasing landscape of cyber-attacks, it was also a concern of customer to keep their account details in the most secure environment where they can take care of their finances without having to care about security and management.


Noting down all the points as stated by the customer, we advised Tally on Azure as the best possible solution that could cater to all the stated needs and concerns. We decided to host customer’s Tally on the Azure and enabled them to do their work safely.

Since there was no import or export of data from the client device and the cloud, keeping the centrally hosted environment isolated, the customer found it the best fit for them.


Customer’s Tally environment was successfully migrated to Azure, giving them the ability to work on accounting from anywhere at any given time with the device of their choice. All of this was attained keeping the economy of the solution in check.

Tally on Azure had a huge impact on the sheer business continuity.


A glimpse at the benefits

Real business impact in numbers


Following the best practices efficiently, we virtualized the customer’s big landscape of IT service, enabling each user to perform at peak without any disruption in the system while maintaining the highest level of security.

Migrating to tally on azure saved a large amount of cost as the users paid only for the active hours. With our precise scoping and efficient deployment, we were able to achieve the goal.

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