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How Global admin can give someone’s OneDrive access to another user?

Posted on January 4th, 2021 by admin@mismo2023

Please follow the below steps to use this feature.

  • Step-1. Login in admin center with Global Admin ID.
  • Step-2.  Click on SharePoint
  • Step-3. Click on More features>User profiles OPEN
  • Step-4. Click on Manage User Profiles
  • Step- 5. Find User account name here,  (User1)Gopal’s one drive access has been given to another user2.
  • Step- 6. Click on Searched Profile.
  • Step- 7. Click on Manage site collection owners
  • Step- 8. Search here User2, to whom you want give access. and OK. (User1-Gopal’s One Drive access has been successfully provided to User2-Sunil Rathi)
  • Step- 9. Now we need to share the one drive link. (User1-Gopal’s One drive link will be share to User2-Sunil Rathi).

Go to Admin Center > User>Active UsersSearch Name>Click on User Profile.

  • Step-10. Click on User1-Gopal’s OneDrive>Create link to files. (to create OneDrive shared link).
  • Step – 11.  User1-Gopal’s OneDrive link has been created. Share it with User2-Sunil Rathi, Via using this link OneDrive can be accessed by authorized User.