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Amazon CloudFront

Posted on April 4th, 2021 by admin@mismo2023

Amazon CloudFront is a brisk Content Delivery Network (CDN) service that safely transfers data, videos, applications, and Application Programming Interface (APIs) to patrons all around the world with low latency, high transfer speeds, in an environment that is developer-friendly.
CloudFront is amalgamated with AWS- both are physical locations directly linked to the AWS global infrastructure, plus other services provided by AWS.

Cloud Front works immaculately with services like AWS Shield for DDoS mitigation, Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balancing, or Amazon EC2 as starters for your applications, & Lambda@Edge to run very specialized codes that are closer to customers’ users and to have a very specific tailor-made experience.

In the end, using AWS origins like Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, or Elastic Load Balancing, won’t cost you anything for transferring data between them and CloudFront.

It would literally take a few minutes to get started with CDN, and you only have to use the AWS tools that you are familiar with already, like APIs, AWS Management Console, AWS CloudFormation, CLIs, and SDKs. The CDN of Amazon provides a straightforward, pay-as-you-go model of pricing and has the benefits of no upfront price or any long-time bonds. The customer care support for the CDN is a part of your existing AWS support subscription.


1) Swift and comprehensive:
The Amazon CDN is based on a very large scale and is internationally spread. The CloudFront network has approximately 220 points of presence (PoPs) and has a considerable grip over the highly sustainable Amazon backbone network for better performance and availability for the company’s consumers.

2) Highly secured network:
The Amazon CloudFront is a very secure CDN that gives protection at two levels: network and application. Your traffic and applications get a lot of added advantages through a wide array of built-in protections like the AWS Shield Standard, with no additional cost. Configurable features like AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) can also be used to manage customer SSL certificates at no added cost.

3) Highly Programmable:
Customization of the features of Amazon CloudFront as per your requirements is quite simple. Lambda@Edge functions, which are triggered by the events of CloudFront, expand your customer code across AWS locations globally, allowing you to re-locate even complex application logic closer to your consumers to increase responsiveness. Integration with other tools and automation interfaces for today’s DevOps and CI/CD environment by the application of native APIs/AWS tools is also supported by AWS.

4) A profound integration with AWS:
The AWS services like Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Route S3, and the AWS Elemental Media services are integrated with the Amazon CloudFront. They are all present with the same console and all the attributes in the CDN can be configured programmatically with the help of APIs or the AWS Management Console.

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