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Microsoft Teams Updates (June 2021)

Posted on July 2nd, 2021 by admin@mismo2023

In this blog, we will be discussing the various Microsoft Teams updates in the month of June.

Meeting Updates:

  • Presenter Mode

During the past few months, this feature has been heavily promoted by Microsoft, finally you can start using this latest meeting feature that gives you an added advantage with respect to how you want to present your content & video feed to your viewers. The new feature gives you the ability to customize the way your content & video feed is being displayed in the meeting by utilizing layouts like “Standout” which exhibits the presenter’s video as a silhouette in front of the content being shared. As of now, this will be the only layout available for use, however, there are two additional layouts (Reporter and Side-by-side) coming soon!


  • Updated calling user interface

The calling tab layout in Microsoft Teams has been updated. With this, you will get a much more streamlined view that has voicemail, contacts and even calling history all on a single screen. Before this update was rolled out, the users had to switch between several different tabs to get to the desired area.

Chat and Collaboration

  • Group chat with external users

A lot of you must be aware that, Microsoft Teams lets you have a conversation with up to 250 participants within a single chat. Now, even though it is a great feature in its own right, Microsoft has decided to expand on this capability by giving its users the ability to add multiple federated/external users into chats to make collaborations easier. Earlier, you could only have a single user for federated chats which means that you had to create a Teams meeting with all federated participants for you to communicate with them all at once.

Important Reminder for all the Teams administrators- Do not forget to have a look at your external access/federation settings as it is the primary setting driving this ability to chat with federated users.

Security, Compliance, and Privacy

  • Customer Key support in Teams

The Microsoft 365 Customer Keys allows an organization to meet specific compliance requirements by providing encryption keys that are used to encrypt your data in a Microsoft Datacentre. This is handled via the DEPs (Data Encryption Policies) which encrypt your data across multiple M365 workloads for all users within the tenant. Since, it is a part of Microsoft Teams, it could include:

  • Teams chat messages (including 1:1 chat, group chats, meeting chats, and channel conversations).
  • Teams media messages (code snippets, images, video messages, audio messages, wiki images).
  • Teams call and meeting recordings stored in Teams storage.
  • Teams chat notifications.
  • Teams chat suggestions by Cortana.
  • Teams status messages.

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