AWS Update:- Amazon EC2 now supports access to Red Hat Knowledgebase

Starting today, customers running subscriptions included Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Amazon EC2 can seamlessly access Red Hat Knowledgebase at no additional cost. The Knowledgebase is a library of articles, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and best-practice guides to help customers solve technical issues. 

Previously, subscriptions included RHEL customers on AWS who had to contact AWS Premium Support in order to access Red Hat Knowledgebase. Now, AWS has partnered with Red Hat to provide one-click access to Knowledgebase for all subscriptions included RHEL customers. Customers can access Knowledgebase content in one of the three ways: by clicking on a link inside the Fleet Manager functionality in AWS System Manager, by using sign-in with AWS option on Red Hat Customer Portal, or via a link provided by AWS support. 

This Red Hat Knowledgebase feature on Amazon EC2 is available in all commercial AWS Regions today except the two regions in China.

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