Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has established itself as the inevitable future when it comes to IT services. This picture becomes much clearer when we take a glimpse at some of the prominent cloud statistics such as, “one-third of companies’ total IT budget is allocated to cloud services” or Cisco’s statement saying that “94% of the world’s workload will be run on the cloud by 2021”.

If we take a brief look at the road that cloud computing has traveled so far, we can find that the concept first came into being in DARPA’s (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) quest of developing a breakthrough technology that allows a “computer to be used by two or more people, simultaneously” in 1963.

As soon as the late 1990s came the years when Salesforce took a huge direction and giving rise to a whole new way of providing services to the globe i.e., SaaS (Software as a Service) when they made available their application to anybody with just an internet connection.

Since then, cloud computing has become a behemoth of a platform, far-reaching the imaginations of its progenitors, taking its modern form in 2006 when Amazon came up with AWS (Amazon web services) offering a fleet of VMs dubbed as EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing).

At present, there is a multitude of major players in this segment starting from Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform to IBM Bluemix and Alibaba. All having their unique specialty and benefits.

Now that we have covered the ground of the cloud’s existence so far, let’s get back to the future. SaaS seems to be the ultimate stop for any IT offering and the statistics solidifying this argument is the latest forecast from Gartner, which predicts the SaaS revenue to be $113 Billion and some change just for 2021, higher than any other form of cloud offering. This surge can be seen not only in SaaS but in IaaS and PaaS as well.

The trust in the cloud is so profound at the present and strengthening by the day so much so that organizations feel highly confident in moving all of the Infra to the cloud, making it the fastest-growing service with ‘Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)’ of 33.7%.

With the cloud offering a highly agile and flexible landscape, organizations are making the best of various strategies while moving to the cloud. One of the most popular ones being the hybrid cloud, which is the best of both worlds – Private and Public Cloud with 84% of the enterprise making use of this strategy.

It’s clear, looking at the picture above that cloud will come with various innovations as we go along and how companies make use of it will be equally interesting to watch. The stage has been set for the unprecedented level of modernization across the globe. We all as earthlings are set to reap benefits from this technologically revolutionary and green campaign and once more we all get the opportunity to bear witness to the future unfolding right in front of us.

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