Azure Update:- Global Disaster Recovery via Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery is a Cloud-driven, highly innovative, and automated disaster recovery solution (DRaaS). Azure’s native platform capabilities for high availability and disaster recovery continue to ensure the highest levels of resilience from big and small outages.

To ensure high availability and disaster recovery poster. In 2018, Microsoft became the first large public cloud provider to launch a first-class cloud-native disaster recovery solution with Azure-to-Azure Disaster Recovery. This allowed customers to replicate and failover your applications from one Azure region to another, on the same continent. But this has left some industries which requires by their local legal regulations to keep data within national boundaries so, in 2020, Microsoft extended support to include within-region disaster recovery with Zone-to-Zone Disaster Recovery.

Many big MNCs which are huge and run business globally and hosts applications across continents and have teams spread out globally needs something big. In August 2021 Microsoft made global disaster recovery via Azure Site Recovery generally available. Now replication of application across continents is possible. Now with an enormous global network of azure regions failover to any region of your choice is possible.

This offering completes the native-public cloud disaster recovery portfolio of zone-to-zone disaster recovery, within-continent disaster recovery, and global disaster recovery. With a few simple clicks, you can replicate your application anywhere in the world.

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