Azure Update:- Screen Capture Protection for Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop is a service running in the cloud that enables your users to access the data, applications, and resources granted by the organization from any allowed and supported device,  anywhere and anytime, with just an active internet connection. Data protection has been a top priority for all organisations. Now Microsoft has enabled screen capture protection for Azure Virtual Desktop.

This feature prevents sensitive data from being captured on the client endpoints. When this feature is enabled, remote content will be automatically blocked or hidden in screenshots and screen shares. Also, the Remote Desktop client will hide content from malicious software that may be capturing the screen. This feature protects the client endpoint from functionalities such as PrtScn, Snipping Tool and third-party tools installed on it. This feature is available for all Azure Virtual Desktop customers at no additional cost.

The screen capture protection feature is configured on the session host level and enforced on the client. Only clients that support this feature can connect to the remote session. Windows Desktop client (for full Desktops only), macOS client version 10.7.0 or older (for RemoteApp and full Desktops) supports screen capture. If a user tries to connect with an unsupported client to the protected session host the connection will fail with error 0x1151.

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